We support your "going to Asia"
We support your "going to Asia"

Machine trading for systems in electronic production

TNGneerings GmbH is a technology based consulting company. Inside our existing Network we help for the trading with pre owned machines. Together with the new owner we check the machine at the vendor's site. We do the de-installation as well as the re installation at the new owners facility.

The legal deal will be operated directly between seller and buyer.

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For special demands in the German electronic production industry, it may be some Japanese products that offer the best results. For some of such products we support our Japanese partners in doing successful business in Germany.





Technical service and support provided for systems which are installed by TNGneerings GmbH


For a system which is installed by TNGneerings GmbH our telephone hotline is 24 / 7 active.



We offer individual Service contracts where the customer selects the value. The previous mentioned Service hotline is independent from individual service contracts.

Your contact:

Torsten Nagel / Tel.: +49 (0) 172 519 91 09







++49 (0) 172 519 9109




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