We support your "going to Asia"
We support your "going to Asia"

Preparation and support of the expatriates before, during and after their tasks in Japan

For expatriates, who work for small and medium sized companies in Japan, the start in Japan as well as the daily life are an interesting nevertheless big challenge. Bigger companies support the expatriate with a quite big local network which does not exist for smaller entities. Expatriates cannot find easy answers for their daily challenges. If they contact their supporting managers in Germany, they areoften missing the real understanding for their daily challenges. We know and understand these challenges; we cannot change them however we can give support to manage those problems.

Our support includes:

  • Together with the entity we find the best fitting expatriate for the specific task in question. It is one of our strategic positions to assist during the final selection of the pre selected candidates.
  • We support the entity in Germany as well as the expatriate with the daily challenges. We do this 24/7 based on long term contracts.
  •  Very often the cultural shock of the expatriate is deeper when he comes back`home` than it is when going abroad. We support the company as well as the expatriate for a good re socialization after his successful task in Japan.



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